Friday, February 20, 2009

Estrella's Quinceanera by Malin Alegria

All her life Estrella's mom has been planning her quinceanera, the huge celebration on Estrella's 15th birthday. Now that the date is approaching Estrella finds herself full of worries. She goes to a private school out of the neighborhood and her friends at that school know nothing about her family or life at home. In fact, they're not even familiar with her real name since she has they call her Star. Her mother is planning a terribly tacky party with a hideous orange dress and Estrella is worried that her school friends will find out about her secret life. On top of all that she is interested in a boy from the neighborhood but her parents have dismissed him as a loser and she is fighting with her oldest Hispanic friends but her mother insists on having them as part of the quinceanera. Estrella has to find a way to either cancel her quince or bring all these different parts of her life together.

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