Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hour of the Cobra by Maiya Williams

In a small town in New England there is an old hotel. For one hour at dusk and one hour at dawn each day the hotel comes alive with people who visited there in the past, including many famous people from history. This hotel also has some special elevators that allow people to travel into the past. Four friends are allowed to travel to ancient Egypt on a mission to save relics that will be destroyed in a fire at that time. Since they need to blend in with the locals they are disguised to fit in at that time. African-American Xanthe gets to disguise herself as royalty and while visiting a temple one evening encounters a young Cleopatra. Cleopatra mistakes Xanthe for the goddess Isis and decides to follow her advice which leads to unexpected consequences for Egypt and the future. A great adventure full of time travel, chariot races and sibling rivalry.

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