Friday, February 20, 2009

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This is the first book to combine a typical narrative story with lots of pictures like a graphic novel. So even though it looks huge, the pictures make the book read a lot faster than you would expect! Hugo lives in a train station with his uncle. His uncle's job is to take care of the clocks in the train station but Hugo's uncle has been missing for quite a while so Hugo has been maintaining the clocks all by himself hoping he won't be caught by the station master. Hugo's father was an inventor and when he died he left his journal behind. In the journal is a picture of a mechanical man and Hugo is certain that if he could just finish building the mechanical man it would write out a message for him from his father. So whenever he is not hiding he steals things from the toy stand across the street in order to get the pieces he needs to finish building. But one day Hugo is caught by the old man who runs the toy stand who takes Hugo's journal. Desperate to get the journal back Hugo begins working with the man's granddaughter and together they discover the answer to more than one mystery.

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