Monday, February 23, 2009

Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce

Evvy is a stone mage - a person who has a special relationship with and can control rocks and stones. She is aided in her skills by Luvo, a living rock creature that is the heart of a mountain. Evvy travels with her mentors to a remote island that has suddenly had several ponds poisoned and groups of plants that have just died for no reason. While investigating on the island with the adults Evvy is able to magically transport herself underground where she finds that the volcano spirits are restless and looking for a way out. With Luvo's help she is able to find a way to keep the two lead spirits busy for a short while in order to have time to get everyone off the island before an eruption. But her solution to keeping them busy also makes them stronger and before long she knows that if she doesn't find a way to lead them away from the island completely the entire island chain will be destroyed by the new volcano.

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