Friday, February 20, 2009

Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083

In the future kids don't go to school, they just watch TV. However, TV of the future is not like TV now. Instead, all the programs are reenactments of famous historical events in a reality-type format. Usually the contestants on these shows are adults who are fighting for a chance at a better life but for the latest show - a re-creation of Robert Scott's attempt to reach the South Pole - a group of five teens are participating. If they survive they are promised enough money to make a much better life than they are facing now where they live in small shacks and work at hard jobs. Their chances of surviving Antarctica are already pretty slim but they also have to deal with the woman in charge of programming who has stacked the odds against them by sabotaging their equipment and animals. How far will she go just to get better ratings?

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