Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Code Orange by Caroline Cooney

Mitty is a typical student - he does as little as possible as close to the deadline as possible. When he has to research a disease for science class he puts off his work until the Sunday night before it is due. Luckily, his mother has a set of old medical books he can use and when he opens one he finds a section about smallpox. Although smallpox has been virtually wiped out now it used to kill thousands of people and was highly contagious. In the smallpox section Mitty finds an envelope containing old smallpox scabs which he accidentally inhales. As Mitty finds out more about smallpox he begins to fear that he is now infected and will soon infect all of New York City. To make matters worse, he also suspects that he is being stalked by terrorists who hope to use him as a biological weapon.

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