Saturday, March 28, 2009

Luthiel's Song by Robert Fanney

Luthiel is excited about the First Summer's Eve celebration which is also her 15th birthday. Her beloved sister has given her a Wyrd Stone which opens into a strange dream world when Luthiel sings to it. But on this wonderful day a Blade Dancer appears with a terrible message: a werewolf is on his way to bring Luthiel's sister to the Vyrl, a group of creatures who feed on elf blood. Luthiel knows that her only choice is to travel alone to the ones who have sent this werewolf and try to stop the order. But in order to reach their land she has to pass lots of dangers herself including huge spiders with dangerous webs while trying to keep ahead of the werewolf. And even if she makes it there alive then she will have to face the Vryl herself which is likely to bring about her own death. This is a great fantasy with many unique elements to surprise even the most hardcore fantasy fans.

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