Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

Reynie is a gifted student who has always felt he needed a bigger challenge. When he finds an advertisement calling for children looking for "Special Opportunities" he applies. The tests for the school are different from any others he has ever had including finding his way through a dark, maze-like house. When he emerges at the end he finds that only three other children also passed the test - Sticky with a photographic memory, resourceful Kate with a bag of tools, and Constance who seems to be cranky about everything. The four are told that they have actually been chosen to help Mr. Benedict thwart the plans of Mr. Curtain who has been preparing to take over the world by sending subliminal messages through television signals for years. Mr. Curtain runs a school on an island and only children are admitted. Reynie and his friends enter the school and begin their spy mission. But as bad as they expected things to be, they find that life at Mr. Curtain's school is even worse and full of nasty punishments. They have to find the center of operations and a way to stop the plot without being caught.

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