Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aurelie by Heather Tomlinson

Aurelie, Netta, Garin, and Loic all played together as children even though Loic is a Fae. Since they were friends he put an ointment into their left eyes so they can see the Fae with their left eyes. But not all the Fae like to be seen so when Netta accidentally lets one know she can see him he blinds her. Several years later the friends are split. Netta has been living in the country. Aurelie is a princess of her country and must travel to Garin's country on a diplomatic mission to try to bring peace between their two countries. While in the country a fire is set and it is blamed on Aurelie's country so she must escape. Garin is then blamed by Captain Ingliss, the evil ruler of the country, and when he comes to Aurelie's country in disguise he is reunited with Loic. Loic has been courting Aurelie even though he has always loved Netta and feels betrayed by her since she has kept her blindness a secret from him. Soon the four friends are reunited and each admits his or her feelings for the other. However, Captain Ingliss is invading the country and each couple is now threatened unless they find a way to save the country.

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