Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beauty Shop for Rent: Fully Equipped, Inquire Within by Laura Bowers

15 year old Abbey lives with her great-grandmother Po who runs a small beauty shop. Abbey has a goal to be a millionaire by the age of 35 and in order to do that she has to avoid the problems with men that have lead to the issues her own mother has with her life. This even includes her life-long friend Mitch who would like to have a more romantic relationship with her. Granny Po is interested in selling the beauty shop and retiring but when Gena shows up and buys the shop Granny Po doesn't like her. Gena changes the old timey shop into a popular spa and teaches Abbey about business while also increasing her salary. But when Abbey's mom shows up she talks about making a space for Abbey in her life and Abbey foolishly loans her money that she knows she will never see again.

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