Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd

Fergus' brother is in jail during the time of "The Troubles" in Ireland. In 1981 many of the Provisional IRA prisoners went on a hunger strike to protest their status in jail and Joe (the brother) joins them. While worried about his brother Fergus has other issues of his own. He needs to be studying for his exams which mean the difference between the chance to become a doctor and leave his problems behind or staying put with no future. He is also being blackmailed to become a courier of what he assumes are bomb components for the IRA in exchange for help in saving his brother. He has come to know a soldier on the "other side" and finds that he doesn't know who to trust in the ongoing conflict. And while out with his uncle Tally he discovered the body of a girl in the bog and now he is seeing visions of her life 2000 years before. Added to that is the arrival of a scientist to investigate the girl from the bog and she brings along her daughter who Fergus finds very attractive.

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