Saturday, April 4, 2009

Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell

Vassar Spore is a driven high school student. She has planned her entire life, right up until the age of 40. Her immediate plans include taking advanced summer classes so that she will be able to be valedictorian of her class in two years. But her carefully planned summer falls to pieces when her bohemian grandmother calls up and somehow blackmails Vassar's parents into sending her to Malaysia for the summer instead. Vassar knows that Grandma Gerd must have some sort of really big secret in order to get her parents to agree but she has no choice but to go. She does make arrangements to get the credit for her summer classes by writing a novel based on her experiences and e-mailing the chapters back to her best friends. Once in Asia she finds that Gerd lives from moment to moment and keeps Vassar around by slowly revealing clues about the big secret. Vassar also meets an Asia "cowboy" her own age who has been hired by Gerd as a chaperone. Although she is mostly keeping a journal of her time her friends are delighted with her "novel" but despise the uptight character that is actually Vassar. A really delightful comedy with a very surprising secret when it is finally revealed.

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