Monday, April 13, 2009

The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson

Tally is sent to a boarding school by her doting father during the prelude of World War II in order to protect her from German bombing. At first Tally is worried about what her life at school will be like but she finds it to be a free, welcoming atmosphere full of nurturing teachers. Tally makes many close friends and while at the movies with one she sees a short documentary about Bergania, another country in Europe, whose king has just defied Hitler. When the school receives an invitation to a folk dancing festival in Bergania Tally insists that they form a group and go. While in Bergania Tally meets the prince, Karil. During the opening to the dance festival the king is assassinated by Nazi conspirators and Karil has to go into hiding and escape the country before he is sent to a German prison. Tally rallies the children from all the other countries and they manage to get Karil to England, escaping two Nazi enforcers. But once in England Karil is whisked away to live with his grandfather where he is expected to live up to his title, stay away from the "hooligans" who helped him escape, and marry Carlotta, a spoiled cousin. All letters between Tally and Karil are intercepted and both believe the other has forgotten them. Through a lucky coincidence they manage to find each other again but will they be able to stay together for good?

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