Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Cadel has always had an ability to manipulate the people around him. When a teacher leaves the room she will come back to find everyone fighting and Cadel sitting quietly, apparently not involved even though he started the problems. At age 14 his longtime psychiatrist convinces him to go to school at the Axis Institute. The classes at Axis are quite different. They are training youngsters with evil tendencies to develop those abilities. Before long, Cadel is told that Axis was started by the greatest evil genius of all time who just happens to be his father who is in jail for his crimes. What's more, the school was planned to help Cadel take over his father's crime empire. After settling into the school Cadel begins to suspect that things are not as great as they seem and he begins confiding in an online friend he has never met about his concerns. When she is threatened as well Cadel has to use his skills to turn the tables on the teachers at Axis and his father.

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