Friday, April 10, 2009

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

In the New World town where Todd lives there are no women and the men can hear everything that everyone is thinking all the time. Todd has been told that this Noise came from germ warfare the aliens who were on the planet released and that the same germ killed all the women. But while out in the swamp one day with his dog Manchee Todd encounters something new and frightening, a patch of quiet. When he comes home and tells the two men who have raised him about the quiet they pull out a bag of supplies they have had packed for him and tell him to leave town immediately. They also give him a journal his mother kept until she died. Todd doesn't understand why he must leave so suddenly but is sent on his way when the men from the town come to their house and threaten to kill all of them. In the swamp he finds the source of the quiet, a girl. She doesn't speak to Todd but she is also running away from one of the men from town so they travel together to the next settlement (a place Todd didn't even know existed) where Todd begins to learn some of the truth about his town and the world where he has been raised. Todd, his dog and the girl have to run for their lives from the army of men who are now pursuing them across the New World.

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