Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Lion Called Christian by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall

This is the true story of two young men who bought a lion cub from a department store in 1970. They named him Christian and raised him in their apartment in London for nearly a year before they arranged to send him to Africa where he could be trained to live in the wild. During his time in London Christian made lots of friends in the store where he roamed because of his engaging personality. After his trip to Kenya his human friends stayed with him for weeks to help with his transition and his meeting with the other lions who would become part of his new pride. Christian was left with George, the man responsible for working with the lions of Born Free. When Ace and John returned to Africa a year later to visit Christian he remembered them immediately and came running out of the bush to greet them with lion hugs. Although this book was originally published in the early 70's this is a retelling because of the popularity of the YouTube video showing Christian reuniting with Ace and John after a year apart.

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