Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna Freitas

Antonia is Catholic and lives with her mother and grandmother above their Italian grocery. She has two dreams - receiving her first kiss from her dream boyfriend Andy, and becoming the first living saint. She prays to saints of various areas for intercession all the time. She also writes at least once a month to the Vatican with proposals for new saints and always suggests herself as a possibility to fill the position if it is accepted. So far all of her suggestions have been rejected. Antonia's best friend is Maria but she is also friends with Michael. She met Michael two years before while at the beach. After a summer of talking he tried to kiss her but she didn't feel ready and rejected him. Maria is convinced that Michael still likes her and that he, rather than Andy, might be her true love. But with her nasty cousin Veronica hanging all over Michael recently Antonia feels even more certain that they are destined to be friends, even though she feels a little jealous. And now that her mother has hired Andy to work in the grocery, Antonia is positive her prayers have been answered and that her first kiss is just days away. It is, but not in the way she has envisioned...

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