Saturday, April 25, 2009

Science Fair by Dave Barry

Toby attends a prestigious school near Washington D.C. which is especially known for its science fair. Lance Swingle, the inventor of a device that allows smells to be sent through the internet, used to go to Hubble Middle School and now he offers a $5000 prize to the winner of the science fair. Although Toby really needs the money from the fair he knows he'll never win it because each year the rich kids in school pay the man at the local science store to build their science fair projects for them. Although the rich kids don't know what their projects are about, they always have something impressive and one of them always wins. But what the rich kids don't know this year is that the designs for their plans have been provided by the government of Kprshtskan, an extremely poor country, determined to take over the United States. When all the projects are hooked together they will provide a way to make the U.S. government give Kprshtskan whatever it wants. Toby suspects that something funny is going on but he is hindered in trying to prove it by his mean principal, a man who believes he is Darth Vader, and two bumbling visitors from Kprshtskan with pants full of cheese.

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