Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thwonk! by Joan Bauer

A.J. is a great photographer but she feels invisible when it comes to being noticed by Peter, the boy she has a crush on. When A.J. comes across a stuffed cupid doll he comes to life and offers to help her in one of three areas. She can either have his help with her photography, in school, or her love life. Despite her artistic dreams A.J. chooses romantic help and Cupid shoots Peter making him fall head over heels in love with A.J. Like many "wish come true" stories, this doesn't work out as well as A.J. had hoped. Peter is so devoted to her that she has no time to herself. What's more, Peter is boring because all he cares about it doing whatever will make A.J. happy. Before too long she realizes that she might have made a mistake and now she needs to find a way to correct it.

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