Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner

Rachel and Tane have been friends since birth. When discussing the possibility of time travel one night Tane makes the argument that it might be possible to transmit data through time even if objects can't travel. Shortly after that they manage to get hold of some transmissions from gamma ray bursts and discover that there is a Morse code pattern in the messages. What's more, the messages are from themselves in the future and include a set of winning lottery numbers, instructions to buy a personal submarine and to talk to a scientist, and an SOS. Tane's brother Fatboy gets involved since he is old enough to buy the lottery ticket but soon they discover that the doctor is up to no good as she experiments with viruses. She denies the existence of the project they were warned to look for so they decide to break into the lab at a later date to find the evidence themselves. When they get there, however, everyone is gone and the lab is smashed. Rachel and Tane are detained by the military and accused of being terrorists who are holding hostages. They escape but are fugitives now as they try to figure out what was being developed at the lab and what terrors exist in the deadly fog that is creeping across New Zealand and making people disappear as it covers them.

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