Friday, May 29, 2009

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

Ally - She and her family own and run the Moon Shadow campground. Ally loves her life at the campground in the middle of nowhere and dreams of discovering her own comet one day. The campground is situated in the perfect spot to view an upcoming total eclipse and Ally's family has been preparing for the hundreds of people who will be arriving to view the eclipse. What Ally doesn't know is that her parents have sold the Moon Shadow and are planning to move the family back to a city.
Bree - She dreams of being a model and has the looks to succeed. Her parents and sister are science nerds but Bree is completely focused on being the most popular girl in school and training for her future career. But all of her plans are destroyed when her parents tell her that they will be moving to the Moon Shadow campground and running it for at least the next three years.
Jack - He is an outsider at his school and is facing summer school after failing science. So when his teacher Mr. Silver calls with an offer to be his assistant during a trip to observe an eclipse he jumps at the chance.
These three teens come together for two weeks that will change all of their lives.

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