Sunday, May 3, 2009

Luthiel's Song: The War of Mists by Robert Marston Fanney

In book one of this series Luthiel saved the vampire-like Vryl from madness with her blood. Now she must try to save all the elves who raised her from Lord Zalos and his plans to ruin Luthiel as well as take over the world. Luthiel, Othalos the werewolf, her dragon, and one of the Vryl set off to try to make peace with the Fae and to defeat the huge, deadly spiders called Widdershae. At first the elves and other Fae are skeptical of Luthiel and the Vryl's claims that they want to have peace but when she fights the spiders alongside them many come to believe her. But Zalos manages to make her attempt to save the high lord of the world look as though she is actually attacking him and he leaves with many followers. He also uses an ancient prophecy to try to turn all of the Fae against Luthiel by claiming that she is the "Blood Witch" who will bring about an end of days. Luthiel must use her magic and her new ability to talk to people in their dreams to try to persuade them that she is on the side of good and love before she is crowned queen of the Fae.

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