Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nation by Terry Pratchett

Mau lives on a small island. He has been away from his island for 30 days and is returning home where he will go through a ceremony that will make him a man in his culture. But while he is returning home his island is hit by a tsunami and when Mau returns, everyone he has ever known is dead. The only person still on his island is Daphne, a girl from England who was traveling to be with her father. Her ship was carried inland by the wave and has crashed in the jungle with only Daphne surviving. At first Daphne and Mau are wary of each other but they soon learn to communicate and work together to help all the other refugees who are arriving. Although Mau thinks he should feel grateful to be alive he feels that if he is to thank the gods for saving him he must also blame them for killing everyone else. He is also faced with the role of chief of this new group even though he is officially not a man or a boy anymore. Besides trying to keep all the new people happy and healthy a new threat arises when Daphne reveals that the captain of her ship had faced a mutiny and that the murderous mutineers are still in the area, possibly now in command of the local cannibals.

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