Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Kyra lives with her father, three mothers and sixteen siblings on a compound for The Chosen Ones, a very conservative religious group. Everything the group does is dictated by Prophet Childs, the leader of the group who says he receives visions from God about what should be done. In The Chosen Ones obediance is very important and women are expected to do whatever they can to serve the men in the group. In addition, all books other than the Bible are banned but Kyra has been secretly checking out novels from the bookmobile that runs nearby their compound. As the book begins the family is excited because the Prophet is coming to reveal something and they are hoping that Father is going to be named a new apostle. But when Prophet Childs arrives he says instead that his vision was of 13 year old Kyra marrying her uncle Hyrum, a man who is 60 years old and already has six wives. Kyra can't stand the thought of marrying Hyrum but doesn't see any way out of the situation, especially with the Prophet's God Squad of armed enforcers backing him up.

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