Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman

In the Empire of the Celestial Dragons power is held by the 12 men who control powerful dragons. A different dragon and Dragoneye come into power each year. During the year prior to taking power 12 boys are trained to serve the dragon and then the dragon chooses which of the boys he likes to work with him. Eon is one of the boys training to serve the Rat Dragon but everyone believes he is at a disadvantage because he is lame in one leg. But Eon and his master know that Eon has the power to see all of the dragons, something that no one else can do. Eon and his master hold another secret as well - Eon is really a girl named Eona and they have been hiding her identity for several years. Since girls are forbidden to work with the dragons, if their secret is discovered they will both be killed. At the choosing ceremony Eona's friend Dillon is chosen by the Rat Dragon but as Eona is about to leave the stadium in disgrace suddenly the Mirror Dragon - the largest and most powerful dragon who has not been seen in 400 years - appears and chooses Eona as his new apprentice. She is suddenly put in the middle of a power struggle between the most evil Dragoneye and the emperor of the country without the ability to call on her dragon for help.

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