Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monks in Space by David Jones

Bart lives in a monastery that travels through space. He was put there by his parents years before when their planet was falling apart. Although he is living as a monk he is also training to be a pilot so that when the civilian captain of the ship leaves, Bart will be able to take over his duties. The monks in this Order are known throughout the universe for their amazing pottery. In addition to the amazing forms they can create they blend their own glazes that reflect the pure light of Sol, the sun and their god. Some of their pieces of pottery sell for millions of dollars, a fact that attracts two thieves to the ship. The abbey is on the last leg of six years in space and all the monks are looking forward to some time back on Earth when something goes wrong with the engines. The ship is in orbit around Sol but if they can't get the engines running everyone on board will die from the heat of the sun as they pass too close. Bart, the captain and one of the robbers have to work frantically to try to save as many people on board as possible.

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