Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Puppet by Eva Wiseman

Based on the true story of anti-Semitism in Hungary in 1883, Puppet is told by a teen named Julie. Julie and her friend Esther are both poor and must work to help their families. Esther has a job with a mean mistress who never gives her any time off and works her into the ground. While on an errand for her mistress one day Esther never comes home. People in town are sure she has been killed by the Jews who live there and most of the townspeople are more than happy to believe the rumors that are being spread. Morris, the son of one of the accused Jews, is tortured and coerced until he confesses to having seen the murder and agrees to testify against the men. Julie is one of the very few who believes that the Jews are innocent and her beliefs seem to be confirmed when Esther's body is found with none of the marks they are said to have made when she was killed. But even though the Jews have truth on their side, it might not be enough to save them from being found guilty.

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