Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wings by Aprilynne Price

Laurel and her parents have moved from her lifelong home to a new city so her father can run a bookstore and for the first time in her life she is in public school. Laurel is a little different from all of her schoolmates - she is always warm even in their cold climate, she spends most of her time outside, and she only eats fruit. When she develops a small bump on her back at first she believes that she is just getting zits like everyone else her age. But when the bump grows bigger and bigger she becomes more concerned. Just when she is about to tell her parents to take her to the doctor, the bump opens and blooms into a winglike flower on her back. Laurel finds a way to hide the petals until she runs into a boy in the woods around her old house. He tells her that she's a changeling, a fairy who has been raised by humans. Just as Laurel is coming to grips who what she really is her father falls deathly ill and his sickness is tied to the fairy world and the other creatures who would like to destroy all fairies.

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