Thursday, June 4, 2009

Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen

Ambrose and his mother have moved around a lot. Currently they are living in a basement apartment owned by an older Greek couple. Ambrose likes to wear a knit had made by his grandmother and his purple corduroy pants to school and, not surprisingly, he is picked on quite a bit. When his three biggest bullies almost kill him by putting a peanut into his sandwich just to see if he actually is allergic to them, his overprotective mom decides to homeschool him. While his mom is at work Ambrose gets to know the landlord's son Cosmo who has just recently been released from prison. When Ambrose discovers that Cosmo likes Scrabble too he convinces Cosmo to start going to a Scrabble Club with him. Cosmo also teaches Ambrose to defend himself while Ambrose helps Cosmo find a girlfriend and stay sober. For the first time in his life Ambrose has friends but he knows he can't tell his mom because she does not approve of Cosmo and would likely start packing them up to move to yet another new home.

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