Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cricket Man by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Kenny helps his family by cleaning their backyard pool. He especially likes to save the crickets and other bugs that get stuck in the pool and eventually decides that if he was a superhero he would be Cricket Man. In fact, he designs a logo for himself and has it made into a T-shirt that he wears underneath his other clothes. He and his best friends James and Luis spend all their time outside of school skateboarding and trying to perfect their stunts. But at home he has begun to spend time with his neighbor Jodie, an older girl he has always admired from afar. Now that he and Jodie are becoming friends he finds himself being concerned about her because she seems to be depressed. Even with his secret identity as Cricket Man Kenny doesn't think he knows how to save Jodie from whatever is happening to her.

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