Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Season by Sarah MacLean

In the 1800's Alex is 17 and getting ready to enter her first season in London where her mother expects her to find a rich husband. Alex and her friends Ella and Vivi are not interested in getting married but are not sure how to avoid marrying uninteresting men who will not value their intelligence. Alex's friend Gavin has recently become an Earl after his father has died. Although Gavin's father's death appears to be accidental, Gavin is convinced that he was murdered and is investigating the circumstances. Although Alex would like to help Gavin discover what happened to his father their relationship becomes strained after they kiss during a party. Now Alex is not sure if she and Gavin are still friends or something more. But while she is struggling to figure out their relationship she overhears a plot to kill Gavin just like his father. Now it is up to Alex to warn Gavin and try to keep herself and her reputation safe.

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