Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider travels to Venice to find Scorpia, the mysterious organization he has heard will be able to tell him all the secrets of his past. He is not having much luck finding the group until he spies a boat on the canal with a large scorpion on it. He follows it to a grand house and finds a way to sneak into a costume ball being held there. But he is captured while investigating the office of the house and finds himself locked into a cellar that is quickly filling with water from the canal. After his daring escape Alex is welcomed into Scorpia, an international crime organization, and learns that his father was one of their best assassins. What's more, he is told that his father was shot by MI6, the very group Alex has been working for recently. Alex is faced with an impossible choice: continue to work for the group who killed his father or follow in his footsteps and become a cold-blooded killer?

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