Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fledging of Az Gabrielson by Jay Amory

Az is considered a freak by the other people in the sky cities because he was born without wings. He has adjusted to walking while everyone around him can fly. Although they have existed above the clouds for generations because of pollution on the ground, the cities still receive many necessary supplies from the ground through service elevators. One day Az is approached by a man from the Secret Sanctum and told that the supplies from the ground have been dwindling. Because Az is in a unique position to handle life on foot below the clouds, he is sent down to the surface to investigate what is happening. When he arrives Az is surprised to find that the Groundlings, whom he had been told were extinct, are still thriving on the Earth's surface but are tired of working hard to send all their natural resources to the sky cities. Some of the humans worship the "Ascended Ones" in the sky, but many others are planning a revolt and looking for a way to bring down the cities once and for all.

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