Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

In this sequel to Uglies, Tally finds herself living in New Pretty City after her operation that made her pretty. She spends her days attending parties and doing things that make her feel "bubbly". But during one night on the town she is approached by someone who tells her that before her operation she agreed to be a guinea pig for for The Smoke - a settlement in the wilderness working against the mandatory operations. Doctors in The Smoke believe that the effects of the operation can be reversed with their new cure and before she left them Tally agreed to try the pills after she had her operation. Tally doesn't remember offering to help them nor does she remember her boyfriend from her time in the woods and she is now dating Zane. But she finds herself convinced that she did offer to help and agrees to try the experimental pills, as long as Zane can try them as well. Tally becomes an even bigger target for the Specials as she works against the life everyone has always known.

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