Saturday, October 17, 2009

London Calling by Edward Bloor

Martin is an outcast at the private school he attends. The school administrators cater to another boy, Hank, who is the great grandson of a World War II hero who also attended the school and who's family makes substantial donations to keep the school running. When Martin and two friends are beat up by Hank and his friends and the school takes Hank's side, Martin refuses to return to school and instead embarks on a course of independent study at home. He has inherited an old radio from his grandmother and while investigating it he finds himself in London in 1940 where he seems destined to help a boy named Jimmy who lived at that time. At first Martin believes that his time travel experiences are all dreams, but with some research he finds that everything he hears and sees during the "dreams" actually happened in the past. While trying to find out he he can help Jimmy, Martin also finds out some interesting facts about Hank's great grandfather and whether he was actually a hero or not.

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