Monday, October 12, 2009

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Mibs is two days away from her 13th birthday and can't wait to find out what her savvy will be. In Mibs' family everyone develops a magical ability on the day of his or her 13th birthday. Her older brother can control weather and her grandmother can capture soundwaves out of thin air. But on the day before her birthday Mibs' father is injured in a car accident and is in the hospital 90 miles away. Once she finds out what her savvy is Mibs feels that she can help to cure her father and decides to sneak aboard the van of a traveling salesman to get to the hospital. She is joined by two of her brothers as well as the teen kids of the town preacher. Unfortunately, the van isn't headed where she thought and the entire group is off on an adventure made even more complicated by police chases, unexpected passengers, uncontrolled savvy outbursts, and talking tattoos.

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