Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hamlet: A Novel by John Marsden

The author of this book takes the classic tale of Hamlet by Shakespeare and tells it in novel format This makes the story slightly easier to read than the original verse but it still has lots of juicy language and quotable parts. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark. While away at school he receives word that his father has died. Very shortly after that he returns home to see his mother marry his father's brother with no regard for the memory of his dead father. Then, while at home, Hamlet is visited by his father's ghost who tells Hamlet that his death was murder, not an accident. The ghost claims that his brother, the new king of Denmark and Hamlet's stepfather/uncle, poisoned him and asks Hamlet to get revenge on the murderer. Hamlet slowly begins to fall apart as he questions whether he actually saw his father's ghost and, if he did, can he prove that his uncle is a murderer and then commit murder himself? An amazing, tragic tale that continues to be moving even after hundreds of years.

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