Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas' memories begin as he finds himself in an elevator which opens into a civilization of boys struggling to stay alive. The boys live in the Glade, a walled fortress in the middle of a maze that changes every day. The other boys have been in the Glade for two years and each day the Runners go out into the maze to try to find a way out. At night the walls to the maze close and the boys stay inside away from the Grievers - large creatures with spikes, saws and poison. But within a few days after Thomas arrives everything changes. First, a girl arrives in the elevator and Thomas has a feeling that he has seen her before even though he has no memory of his life before the Glade. Then, the walls stop closing at night and the Grievers begin coming into the Glade every night and leaving with one of the boys. Thomas and the other boys know they have to find a way out of the maze before everyone dies.

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