Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slob by Ellen Potter

Owen is overweight and hates physical education class. He wouldn't like the class much anyway but it is made even worse by his nasty P.E. teacher who favors the athletes and picks on the uncoordinated students. When the class starts a unit on gymnastics Owen notices that the teacher gives directions to the unpopular students that causes them to fall over and make fools of themselves. Owen refuses to follow the teacher's directions so he is strapped into a dog's harness and dragged around the room. Life at school becomes even worse when Owen's three Oreo cookies are stolen from his lunch box every day and he suspects the most dangerous boy in school - the one who carries a knife in his sock. Owen's big troubles began almost two years ago when something changed his life tremendously. But now Owen thinks he has invented a machine that will allow him to see events exactly two years before and he hopes this will bring an end to some of the questions that plague him and his sister.

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