Friday, December 25, 2009

See No Evil by Jamila Gavin

Nettie's parents are fabulously rich and she has always lived with the best of everything and surrounded by bodyguards. She has been unquestioningly happy with this life until her beloved tutor disappears suddenly. Now Nettie wants to know where Miss Kovachev has gone and her parents seem to be keeping secrets from her. When her great aunt arrives to live with them she hints that there is something Nettie doesn't know about her parents. In addition, Nettie meets the son of one of her father's servants and Benny tells her that her father works in "the raquet". As Nettie discovers more about Miss Kovachev and where she has gone she also learns that her father is involved in something horrible. Now Nettie must find a way to become independent of her family.

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