Sunday, January 31, 2010

Donut Days by Lara Zielin

Krispy Dream donuts is opening a new store in Emma's hometown and she plans to camp out for two days before the opening. Emma needs to get a great story for the local newspaper in order to win a scholarship for the college of her choice. Although her parents have a college fund for her they will only let her use it to attend a Christian college. To add to Emma's stress, her best friend isn't talking to her anymore and her other good friend, Jake, has been absent since he told her he loves her a few months before. Emma's parents are both ministers at their church but they are fighting a battle with the church board to allow Emma's mom to continue to preach. A rich church member had a prophecy that it is against God's will for women to be ministers. Although Emma wants to help her family she feels that she is being left out of the loop by her parents. Now she has to find a story worthy of a scholarship, make up with her good friends, and prove that the "prophecy" was motivated by something other than the will of God.

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