Monday, January 4, 2010

Forest Born by Shannon Hale

Rin is the only girl in a family of many boys and her mother's favorite child. She has always felt unsure of herself so to compensate she tries to mirror the behaviors of people around her that she admires. She has also always felt a special connection to the trees in the forest around her house but after she convinces a boy to kiss her she feels like the trees have shut her out. When her brother Razo returns home from the castle she decides to go to the city with him to find herself. Rin finds herself befriending queen Isi and taking care of her son Tusken. When the king and his army are attacked by fire starters Isi, Rin and two other girls set off to find the fire-speakers and stop the attacks. Rin knows that the other three girls all have special powers but she begins to learn that she might have some abilities as well in addition to her kinship with the trees.

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