Friday, February 12, 2010

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

Cole has been in trouble his entire life. Now he is in big trouble for beating a boy named Peter so badly he almost died. Cole feels like Peter deserved the beating because he told on Cole. Facing a certain jail sentence, Cole agrees to try something called Circle Justice instead. In Circle Justice a group of people work together to try to find a way to actually heal a person rather than just punishing them. The circle agrees to send Cole to an Alaskan island where he will live alone for a year trying to deal with his anger. Although he acts sorry, Cole is just looking for an easy way out. He plans to swim off the island as soon as he is left alone. The first thing he does is burn down the cabin and all the supplies that were left for him so that it will be obvious that he didn't care about his punishment when someone comes for him. But before he can escape the island as he has planned, he runs into a 300 pound white bear. Cole is certain that he can scare off the bear just as he has scared everyone in his life. But when he moves towards the bear it fights back, mauling Cole and leaving him for dead. For the first time ever Cole finds himself in a situation he can't control with his anger, forced to eat worms, grass and a live mouse just to survive.

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