Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco Stork

Pancho arrives at an orphanage after his sister's death. Although the police say that Rosa's death was an accident, Pancho is certain that she was murdered by a man she was seeing. Pancho is determined to kill that man, as soon as he can figure out who that man is. At his new home he meets D.Q. who has cancer and expects to die within a few months. D.Q. says that Pancho is the friend he's been waiting for and that they are going to be Death Warriors - people who love life and are not afraid of love. Pancho is not interested in that but he agrees to go with D.Q. to the hospital where he will be receiving a new treatment because Rosa's killer lives in that city. D.Q. knows about Pancho's plans but he is hoping that Pancho will change his mind after spending more time with him and with Marisol, a pretty girl who works at the place they will be staying.

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