Sunday, March 21, 2010

Night Fires by George Edward Stanley

Woodrow and his mother have just moved into the town of Lawton, Oklahoma. They have returned to Woodrow's father's home after he was killed in a car accident. Woodrow's mother is still mourning and spends much of her time in her bedroom. So Woodrow keeps himself busy with his next door neighbor, Senator Crawford. Senator Crawford fills a void left by the death of his father and Woodrow soon begins to think of the Senator as a father. Likewise, the Senator's son died a few years before and now the Senator feels like Woodrow is taking his place. But as the relationship between Woodrow and the Senator grows, his mother makes it clear that she does not like the Senator and worries about his influence on Woodrow. Woodrow is not concerned at all, until the night he secretly witnesses the beating of a black boy and realizes that the Senator is the head of the local Ku Klux Klan. Woodrow wants to believe that his new "father" is a good man but the more he learns about the Klan and what they are doing in town, the harder time he has believing that.

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