Saturday, March 27, 2010

Num8ers by Rachel Ward

Jem sees numbers in the eyes of everyone she meets. After her mother's death, Jem realizes that a person's number is actually the date that person will die. Ever since then Jem has kept to herself trying to avoid the death dates all around her. When she meets Spider at school she is shocked to see that his number is only a few months away. Despite his impending death they become friends, both getting into trouble at school for different reasons. During an afternoon trip to the London Eye Jem notices that everyone waiting in line for the ride has the same number - that day's date. She knows that some catastrophe is going to happen to the people at the London Eye so she grabs Spider's hand and runs away. Minutes later a bomb explodes killing dozens of people. Within hours the police are looking for two teens - a tall black boy and short white girl who were seen running away from the scene of the terrorist attack. Jem and Spider have to run for their lives, even though Spider only has about a week left in his.

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