Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ruby Key by Holly Lisle

Genna and Dan's father disappeared several years before after suffering a mental illness. Everyone assumes that he is dead and now their mother is showing symptoms of the same illness. Now their Uncle Banris is pressuring their mother to marry him but Genna and Dan don't trust him and suspect that he has ulterior motives. Their town is bordered by a forest that has the nightlings in it. The nightlings are elf-like creatures who demand gifts each year to keep the peace with the humans. Genna decides to go ask Letrin, the king of the nightlings, to help them find their father. Once there they learn that Uncle Banris has already talked to the nightlings and plans to murder their entire family once he marries their mother. Letrin agrees to help them - as long as they do something for him first. So Genna and Dan set off on a quest with a young nightling girl and a talking cat.

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