Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Sky Inside by Clare Dunkle

Martin lives with his parents and younger sister in the future in a city covered by a dome. The people living there are content to live their lives making no decisions and having no options about their futures. When Martin gets an A.I. dog for his birthday he is unhappy at first but he soon discovers that his dog has abilities he shouldn't have. For instance, his dog is capable of changing his form into any other item and he can access forbidden areas of the dome. Martin's sister Cassie is a genetically engineered child from a group called the "Wonder Babies". Now that they are school age it is clear that the Wonder Babies are brilliant - smarter than any adult in the world - and they are worrying the government because of their abilities. When a man comes to the dome claiming that he is taking the Wonder Babies to a better place Martin is skeptical and worried about his sister. With the help of his dog he decides to brave the world outside the dome to find Cassie.

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