Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston

Kelley is 17 and living in New York City trying to become an actress. She gets her big break when she is given the lead role in a Shakespeare play. But while practicing her lines in Central Park one night she hears a commotion and finds a horse drowning in a pond. She rescues the horse and then is stunned to find the horse in her bathtub when she gets to her apartment on the third floor. Meanwhile, Sonny is a changeling - a human who was stolen as a baby by faeries and raised as one of their own. He has been selected by the Winter King to be part of the Janus who guard a crack between the faerie and human worlds. For nine nights near Halloween the crack opens enough that fae creatures can escape into the human world. When Sonny runs into Kelley he realizes that she is more than she seems although he's not sure what, exactly, she is. But when he discovers that she is keeping a kelpie in her bathtub and that her roommate is an escaped faerie from hundreds of years before, he begins to suspect that Kelley might be much more powerful than either of them had ever imagined.

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