Friday, April 2, 2010

A Family Secret by Eric Heuvel

Jeroen is searching in his grandmother's attic for used items to sell when he comes across an old scrapbook with information about his grandmother's family during World War II as well as a police officer's hat. Curious about what he has found he asks his grandmother to explain and she begins her story of her life in the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. Jeroen's grandmother, Helena, was best friends with Esther. Esther and her family were Jewish who had managed to escape from Germany into the Netherlands and thought they would be safe. But as the Germans take over the country they bring their reign of terror to the Jews there too. Even Helena's father who is a Dutch police officer begins working with the Nazis. And when Esther's family is taken to the concentration camps it is Helena's father who has to decide what to do with Esther.

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